5. Juni 2012

NEXT Berlin 2012: A Lesson in Blogger Diligence

This year, pr://ip was again responsible for NEXT Conference’s Blogger relations. We invited more than 40 Bloggers from more than 15 countries and tried to make their NEXT12 experience as smooth as possible.

Working with so many different, interesting and inspiring people was very rewarding and we had loads of fun! As, of course, the conference itself was a blast, too. We have decided to gather all the content the NEXT12 Official Bloggers have created, to give an overview of what was published (a whole lot of great articles, we think!), and to have an archive of all NEXT12-related blogger posts. Dear NEXT12 Official Bloggers, it was great to work with you! We really hope to connect again soon, so take care and stay in touch!


(By the way: If we have forgotten any of your posts, give us a short notice and we’ll include the missing links!)


Bloggers Title Link
Adam Tinworth When in Berlin, Liveblog Link
Adam Tinworth What’s NEXT? Post Digital Culture Link
Adam Tinworth Don’t mess with the NEXT Blog Squad Link
Adelina Peltea Can Europe compete on startup scenes? Link
Adelina Peltea Post-Digital Big Brother Link
Adelina Peltea How to deal with Official Bloggers for conferences Link
Adelina Peltea If you came from Mars, you would think we’re worshiping screens here Link
Adelina Peltea Time Machine: Next Conference Departure Link
Alessio Jacona Internet degli oggetti, se anche il detersivo ha diritto all’identità digital Link
Alessio Jacona Sculpteo, la nuova era della stampa 3D Link
Alessio Jacona Sculpteo, la stampa 3D alla portata di tutti Link
Anja Rauch #NEXT12 Impressions & No, We’re not Post Digital yet. Link
Anja Rauch Blog-Professionals at Work #next12 Link
Anja Rauch A Facebook for Things & Toys #next12 Link
Anja Rauch What’s next? #NEXT12 in Berlin Link
Anja Rauch Berlin Web Week approaching! #rp12 #next12 Link
Annika Lidne Sharing (startup) Knowledge with Readmill Link
Annelie Rispens NEXT Berlin Link
Anton Johansson Entreprenörstips och what’s next? Link
Anton Johansson NEXT12 i Berlin – Réne Obermann från Deutsche Telekom Link
Anton Johansson NEXT Berlin Link
Daniel Friesenecker “Das Internet ist zu schnell für Regulierungsprozesse” [Podcast 2/2] Link
Daniel Friesenecker Vorbereitung auf die NEXT Link
Daniel Friesenecker Die Anreise zur NEXT Link
Daniel Friesenecker NEXT 2012 – Tag 1 Link
Daniel Friesenecker Rückblick auf Tag 1 bei der NEXT Link
Daniel Friesenecker NEXT 2012 – Tag 2 Link
Daniel Friesenecker Rückblick auf Tag 2 bei der NEXT Link
Daniel Friesenecker Feedrückblick #20 Link
Daniel Friesenecker  “Werbung kann Spaß machen, wenn sie relevant ist” [Podcast] Link
Daniel Friesenecker Georg Warga: “Du musst Viralität immer planen” [Podcast] Link
Daria Batukhtina Next Berlin: Задача инвестора – уберечь стартап от покорения мира, Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos Από το NEXT Berlin στο TEDx Thessaloniki. Και τι κατάλαβες; Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 02: Το online διαφέρει πάρα πολύ από το offline.. Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 02: Velocity – The Seven New Laws of A World Go Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 02: Ποιο είναι το μέλλον των media; Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 02: Authenticity and trust on the internet Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 01: Απλοί, βασικοί κανόνες για digital campaigns Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 01: From Social Media to Social Business Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012 Day 01: The NEXT big thing in the start-up stage? Link
Dimitris Kalogeropoulos NEXT Berlin 2012: Θα είμαστε εκεί Link
Erno Hannink Berlin Web Week van start Link
Erno Hannink Examples of Social Business – interview with Will Sansom #next12 Link
Erno Hannink Kijkend naar het Oosten – Berlijn we komen er aan [NEXT] Link
Erno Hannink NEXT Berlin opens – Morning Sessions Link
Evelina Ander Välj vilken mormor som ska sticka din tröja Link
Evelina Ander Vad vill människor ha? Link
Evelina Ander Berlin, med taskig uppkoppling Link
Evelina Ander NEXT Berlin börjar närma sig Link
Felix Schwenzel next12, tag 2 Link
Felix Schwenzel next12, tag1 Link
Fredrik Wass The NEXT Berlin official bloggers Link
Fredrik Wass ”Om 4-5 år kommer vi säkert försöka äta varandras lunch” Link
Fredrik Wass 49 män och 8 kvinnor Link
Fredrik Wass Louisa Heinrich om Fjords designprocesser (#NEXT12) Link
Fredrik Wass 5 entreprenörstips från startup-panelen på NEXT Berlin Link
Fredrik Wass Blogga från NEXT Berlin… Link
Fredrik Wass Mamy za dużo kompleksów czyli o konkursie startupów podczas Next Berlin Link
Guilhem Bertholet Concours de startups #next Link
Guilhem Bertholet Next Berlin 2012 : Startup Track – #next12 Link
Guilhem Bertholet Next Berlin 2012 : Startup Track & CO Link
Grzegorz Marczak T-mobile szuka innowacyjnych pomysłów i startupów Link
Halley Suitt Tucker Christophe Maire, CEO of txtr Link
Halley Suitt  Tucker KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid Link
Halley Suitt  Tucker Martin Luther at NextBerlin Link
Halley Suitt  Tucker Post-digital at my house Link
Halley Suitt  Tucker From TechStars in Kendall Square to the Middle of Mitte Link
Halley Suitt  Tucker 10 Stamps Link
Henriette Weber Oh by the way, what is your exit strategy ? Link
Henriette Weber A thin red line from analogue to digital to connectness Link
Henriette Weber Next Berlin – post-digital and physical Link
Henriette Weber key takeaways + summary from Next Berlin according to Annika Lidne and me Link
Henriette Weber It’s important to keep those bloggers happy Link
Ilona Grzywinska „To, że wystartowaliście, nie jest żadną informacją” – wywiad z Mikiem Butcherem, redaktorem naczelnym TechCrunch Europe Link
Ilona Grzywinska Post-digital impressions: Next Conference 2012 wrap up Link
Ilona Grzywinska „Managing digital footprint should be taught at schools“ – interview with Ben Hammersley Link
Inês Silva Next Berlin Link
Jean-Claude Frick eFlash 5 / 2012 – Die wöchentliche Geek Kolumne Link
Joakim Jardenberg Så här följer du NEXT Berlin Link
Joakim Jardenberg NEXT we take Berlin Link
Jochen Krisch Heureka! So eine Konferenz hat der Gründerszene gefehlt Link
Jürgen Vielmeier NEXT 12: Ein nächstes großes Ding ist weit und breit nicht in Sicht Link
Jürgen Vielmeier Ein Nachmittag mit Geeks und Nerds: “Lasst die Liebe regieren” Link
Jürgen Vielmeier 7 Gesetzmäßigkeiten für die digitale Welt im Apple-Zeitalter Link
Jürgen Vielmeier Clevere Ideen frei Haus bitte: Mit hub:raum fördert die Telekom nun Internet-Startups Link
Luca Sartoni NEXT12 (Flickr Album) Link
Maila Reeves Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann Announces Incubator Launch at Next 12 Link
Martin Weigert Wie Xing und LinkedIn ideale Konferenz-Apps werden würden Link
Martin Weigert Diese zwölf Startups wollen in Berlin abräumen Link
Martijn Winkler Bloggen over NEXT Berlin 2012: wie helpt mee? Link
Matteo Bertozzi Connectivity Beyond Digital Products Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Fellody.com, Match Making based on Music at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier BeeFM social music sharing at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Festo Robot Arms at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Alexander Bard, History, Sociology of Tech at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Babelverse at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Polligraf at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier Deutsche Telekom NFC Mobile Payments R&D efforts at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier uibk.com at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier GoSquared real-time analytics for your website at Next Berlin Link
Nicolas Charbonnier I’m video-blogging at Next Berlin these next 2 days Link
Paula Marttila #Next12 The Year Startups Broke And How Not Kill Focus With Conference Frenzy Link
Sébastien Flury Startup competition @NEXT12: discover the 12 finalists Link
Sébastien Flury Is Switzerland starting up? (long version) Link
Sébastien Flury NEXT Berlin 2012: A great event for web startups Link
Sébastien Flury Meeting Christophe Maire, a successful serial web entrepreneur (from Switzerland!) Link
Vavara Gurova 5 лучших лекций недели: аудио (Top 5 Wochen mit Vorträgen, Audio) Link
Yana van den Bor Drie tips van Berlijnse start-ups aan grote corporates Link
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